Legal Planning with Heart.

The heart. From its very first beat, the heart is synonymous with life.  It keeps time—measure by measure, day by day, year by year—quietly and precisely.  It allows you to love, care and cherish.  It fuels you with passion and grit.  The heart can break, too.  It is both delicate and powerful.  People always tell you to follow your heart because they know that in the end, nothing matters unless it’s done with heart.

While our clients come to us with differing goals, issues and stations in life, they all share one thing in common: they seek compassionate, thoughtful and skilled legal counsel, with heart.

We are committed to providing clients in all stages of life with approachable, pragmatic and client-focused estate planning strategies.  Your goals are our goals.  This is a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of legal advising practice:

  • Our deep knowledge of complex Medicaid law and ability to think strategically provides our elder law clients with confidence and serenity in even the most challenging situations.
  • Our collaborative, holistic approach with care managers and financial advisers offers our aging clients and their loving families a uniquely rounded experience. Together, we work tirelessly to keep elders safe in their homes for as long as possible while helping families battle the age-old question—how do I finance this?
  • For our clients who have lost loved ones, we try to ease and disarm an estate process that can otherwise be full of challenging forms and procedures at a time of pain and grieving.
  • For our young estate planning clients, what sets us apart is that we “get” it.  You need a plan that is comprehensive but simple, easy to digest and cost-effective.  You need an efficient, user-friendly approach delivered with ease and compassion.

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