Legal Planning with Heart.

The heart. From its very first beat, the heart is synonymous with life.  It keeps time—measure by measure, day by day, year by year—quietly and precisely.  It allows you to love, care and cherish.  It fuels you with passion and grit.  The heart can break, too.  It is both delicate and powerful.  People always tell you to follow your heart because they know that in the end, nothing matters unless it’s done with heart.

After over a decade of experience working with seniors and their families at some of the most prestigious elder law and estate planning firms in Boston, MetroWest and Southeastern Massachusetts, it is with infinite excitement that I announce the opening of Greenfield Planning Group, LLC on July 1, 2018.  GPG specializes in legal counsel and advocacy for seniors throughout the continuum of care and simple but complete estate planning for families of all ages.  Our commitment to approachable, pragmatic and client-focused planning strategies, mixed with a uniquely collaborative approach with trusted industry professionals positions GPG as a legal planning firm to span the generations.

While our clients come to us with differing goals, issues and stations in life, they all share one thing in common: they seek compassionate, thoughtful and skilled legal counsel, with heart.

Greenfield Planning Group, LLC

1233 Highland Avenue, Suite B

Needham, Massachusetts 02492