MassHealth Applications

Placing a beloved family member into a skilled nursing facility is one of the most heart wrenching decisions our clients face.  Even the most supportive, compassionate and desperately needed care is difficult to accept in a nursing home setting.  Additionally, the rules and procedures for payment can be hard to navigate and the costs are high–often $12,000-$17,000 per month.  While long-term care insurance can help to defray the cost, most seniors don’t have policies or have policies that won’t cover the complete monthly cost.

Accordingly, most Massachusetts seniors who require nursing home care are forced to turn to the MassHealth program.   The MassHealth application process is daunting to say the least.  The Medicaid agency (“MassHealth” in Massachusetts) requires an extensive review of all assets and income of the applicant and applicant’s spouse.  Applicants are often asked for many years of bank records to verify financial transactions throughout the five-year look back period.   When any legal issues arise–and they almost always do–it is essential to have a skilled attorney to assist with the process and possible appeal.  This is the cornerstone of Attorney Greenfield’s skill set.  As such, working with GPG, LLC to establish a MassHealth qualification plan and chart through the application process can take a tremendous burden off of our clients.  This ultimately allows them to focus on the care and well-being of their loved one while having the peace of mind that they will not lose their life’s savings to the high cost of care.

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