Estate Planning for Growing Families

Getting married, buying a home and having a baby are life events that often spark the estate planning conversation.  "I have a spouse now....what do I need to protect my spouse if something happens to me?"  "My husband and I just bought a house...we should probably have a will now, right?"  "Our kids are 4 and 8, we know we are late to the game and this has been on our minds for almost a decade.  We need to make sure we name a guardian if something happens to us.  How quickly can you do that?  I can't sleep at night anymore until that's done!"  We hear this all the time and we are here to help.
Yes, you need some estate planning documents.  Yes, we can get it done for you quickly, inexpensively and painlessly.  No, it is not too late....there are a hundred things on your plate as parents of young children and there is no judgment here!
Most growing families need a basic plan which includes a health care proxy, power of attorney, last will and testament and possibly a revocable living trust for your minor children.  The cost of these documents is typically between $750-$2,500 for a couple, depending on the complexity of your plan.  Give us a call to start the process and check this off your list!
Estate Planning

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