Estate Planning for Young Adults

Our clients with kids going off to college or leaving home are often surprised to learn that once these kiddos turn 18, they are no longer able to access certain information or assist in making decisions.  It comes up when kids land in the health services office of a university and parents call for information expecting to get it because, well, "that's my 18 year old kid!  What do you mean you aren't able to give me any information about him?"
When your newly-minted college freshman heads halfway across the country, don't just send him with a meal card and a game day sweatshirt, make sure he has a basic estate plan.  These simple plans often include a health care proxy, hipaa release form and durable power of attorney.  We do these documents quickly and painlessly for your kids and we charge a flat fee of $350 to get it done before they leave the safety of your nest.  Reach out to set up a meeting for your kids once they turn 18 so we can help get the documents they need.
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